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Sometimes, we just need to let out all the feelings, stress, grief, insecurities and fears. Our kids needs it. Our partners need it. WE all need it sometimes. We are here to give you a safe, no judgment place to release it and heal it. Sometimes we just need a different perspective from someone who understands and who can guide us to take the next step. 

When we feel stuck in our lives, we long to find a better way to cope with the stress and discouragement. When our kids (or partners) seem more connected to their phones and video games than to us, we long to find a better way to enter into their world and share life more fully together again. When words are too difficult to find, I can help you connect — or reconnect — to what brings contentment and purpose to your life.

My passion is to help kids and families feel more peace, joy and confidence in their lives again. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor, I have helped children and families since 2003 with specialized training in play therapy, family counseling, and addiction recovery as well as utilizing best evidence-based practices including EMDR, mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapies. I have come alongside children and adults in different stage of life challenges, including singleness, marriage, divorce/loss, parenting, job or school changes and personal traumas. Along with my therapy dog, Bobby, we care that you find the best resources to help you and your family along your journey to peace and wellness.

"I feel so much better." That's what I hope you or your child will say when you go through the counseling process with us. Whether it's past unresolved hurts, current relationship challenges, or anxiety about the future, let's figure it out together. I have lots of specialized training but what matters most is that you find someone who understands and helps you feel so much better.

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